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CO₂ Set GrowBase Pro

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CO₂ Set GrowBase Pro

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The set includes:

GrowBase Pro

CO2-Sensor CarbSense


GrowBase Pro is the control centre for the ambitious indoor gardener, as it always precisely controls all climate factors. Various devices and sensors can be connected. The four sockets enable the operation of different devices, as they can be set to a variety of functions. GrowBase Pro is equally suitable for controlling EC and AC fans. This guarantees maximum flexibility.

Extensive setting options via the easy-to-use menu and excellent tuning of the control algorithms ensure ideal conditions for your plants.

The main functions:

Temperature control

Humidity control

CO₂ control

Negative pressure control

Dimming of compatible lights incl. sunrise and sunset (0-10V/1-10V)

Inrush current limitation and 2-pole cut-off for the fourth socket: (2300W)

Various timers: day timer, interval timers, event timers

Multi-sensor: Several sensors of the same type

USB interface for updates and nice future features

DC output (MOSFET) for relays/contactors

Made in Germany


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