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Kanavapuhallin 1-nopeus 1450m3/h, Ø250mm

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Prima Klima

Kanavapuhallin 1-nopeus 1450m3/h, Ø250mm

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The Prima Klima PK250-XLE is highly efficient inline duct fan equipped with an ebm-papst AC motor with backward curved blades which has been optimally adapted to the housing. The entire housing is made of high impact resistant, flame proof polyamide (nylon). Maintance free long lasting ball bearings contribute to especially smooth running of the motor. The control system, the connections and the capacitor are fully integrated into the housing. With the use of the supplied mounting bracket the fan can be easily and safely attached to the wall or ceiling in any position. Available in a 115V version and with alternative connection cables. 

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Flange: 250mm 
Max Airflow: 1450m³/h 
Power: 210/285W 
Input: 230V 50/60Hz 0.93/1,25A 
Tmax: 42°C 
Measurements: 378mm x 276mm (w/h) 
Weight: 5.22Kg (6.42Kg Gross Weight) 


- ebm-papst AC motor

- Impeller with backward curved blades

- Aerodynamically optimized shape

- Impact resistant and durable housing

- The connection and the control system in the housing


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